The saliva drug test tube is a lateral flow chromatographicimmunoassay for the detection of drugs and drug metabolitesin human saliva.

It is an innovative, fully integrated saliva drug screen device. It’sthe simplest and fastest on the market, which can screenanytime, anywhere without constraints like limited staff or theinability to observe a collection.

To get a result, simply swab the mouth and screw the cap on.

It’s so easy!

PreCHEK 5 Multi Saliva Drug Test Tube (Forensic Use)

  • Model

    Test Items

    Test per Bx



    25 tests


    * For any customized combinations, adulteration strips, label design and mold design, please be free to contact us.

    • Accurate results in just 5 minutes
    • Test up to 5 items at the same time
    • Simple sample collection using swab
    • Observable and no room needed
    • 2-years long shelf life
    • High sensitivity and specificity