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Drug Cup Test Reader

Drug Cup Reader

  • Fit for both urine cup and saliva tube

  • Digitalized the test results in JPG, PDF, Email formats

  • Automatic cup insertion

  • Build-in printer

  • HIS / LIS connection

  • Blue-tooth, Wi-Fi connection available

Test Procedure

  1. Place the cup into the cup holder, be sure to match the QR code on the cup with the indicator on the cup holder.


   2. Open the PreCHEK software, login with user name and password.


   3. Click "Read test device" in the test analysis window, it will test automatically and display the test result on the computer      

       screen. It normally takes 1-2 minutes to read the result. 


   4. Click "Print Preview", an overview screen will be displayed. The operator can choose to either save the result or print it out.


   5. Remove the cup from the cup reader.

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