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Disposable surgical mask
SKU No.:  3765498161230

Specifications:  17.5cm x 9.5cm

Shelf-life:  3 years

Product Details

Products performance:

Rupture strength of mask tape: Over 10N; Bacterial filtration efficiency rate: over 95%. Soft to the touch, odorless, tasteless, flat and without damage, strong adsorption, good adhesion, blocking droplets, dust transmission or intrusion into the body, easy to wear. Aseptic.

Structure and composition:

It consists of a mask body, a nose clip, and a mask band. The inner and outer layers are made of non-woven material, and the middle layer is made of filter cloth (spunbonded melt blown non-woven fabric).

Scope of application:

For general protection of medical institutions, schools, public transportation and homes. Used to prevent viruses, droplets, dust from entering the body or spreading.


Single use, not reusable. When you feel increased respiratory resistance, replace it in time. Use time does not exceed 8 hours. Use with caution for people who are allergic to nonwovens.


Clean, ventilated, non-corrosive gas environment, away from fire or flammable materials.