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About Us

iDUN Solutions LLC was established based on full recognition and respect for the legal and economic environment of the United States. As a production-oriented company, we set up our sales company in the United States to serve the community, contribute to the community, return the community, and serve through our continuous efforts. And to help users from all countries and regions, including the users from the United States, continue to contribute to our efforts to create a better life through our product innovation and service upgrades.


Our business originates from China. We have 3 factories in China, which produce three product range including: 

PCR fluorescence detection reagent:

Test items covering 6 categories more than 300 detection varieties, from the latest novel coronavirus to detect daily respiratory, gastrointestinal source of infection, the product has been selling to China, Japan, South Asia, Africa, Central Asia more than 40 countries and region in more than 15 years, relying on stable quality and timely service, continue to gain more customer recognition. The products have obtained CFDA registration issued by the Chinese government and CE product registration based on ISO 13485 system. At the same time, they have passed the quality inspection of independent WHO laboratories in specific countries.


Colloidal gold detection rapid detection products:

Test items covering 5 categories more than 100 detection project, finished with the best combination of efficiency and cost control. The convenient test performance, the fast result, the easy reading result, with the convenient screening tests for the massive use, making our tests the first choice for the home use, business drug control administration, community flue screening tests, health points infectious disease detection… we have successfully developed a new coronavirus test kit based on colloidal gold technology, and have begun to sell to some infected areas. The product has obtained the US FDA registration, EU CE certification, and individual registration inspections in specific countries.


Laboratory consumables:

Based on our production capabilities and the packing requirements, also respond to our tests sales and user expectations for us, also the needs of our own chain of inspection institutions in mainland China and South Africa, we have successfully developed various types of experiments for laboratory sampling, sample collection, and immune response. we are willing to share our high-quality laboratory consumables with our global customers.


All iDUN staff hope that we have the opportunity and ability to continue to rely on our products to help more customers achieve fast, easy and accurate diagnosis and help more people achieve health. We are willing to integrate into the local communities, serve the local communities, give back to the local communities, and cooperate with people in every part of the world based on respect and trust for a long time.

Bring customers the true value.